BlackLuxury has such a uniquely compelling story to tell and we would love to share it through the media editorial. As a travel business, we have been able to achieve significant milestones of black inclusion in the world of luxury. Our success story is a testament to the fact that black consumers play a significant role in developing the luxury market and we have been able to establish that through the unique qualities that sets our business apart. We would be honored to have the opportunity to share our story with the media. We would also be happy to provide additional information, arrange an interview with one of our executives, or provide images or other multimedia assets.
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“We provide new and exciting destinations with one common theme in mind – luxury.”
“The black market is ripe for luxury travels.”
“We know exactly what our clients wants which reduces the risk of them ending up somewhere not interesting.”
“, the playground for black elite.”
“Our distinctive value is presenting benefits to our clients.”
“Traditional luxury lifestyle “
“Ultimate bespoke trip planning and execution.”
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