Join welcomes diverse people. We are an inclusive company that caters to diverse communities and promotes equality for all.
Our target market is the black community who fit our travel profile however, we are inclusive of all races and promote diversity and inclusion.

B.Luxe Individual

Luxury is associated with fun, this category is for fun loving and discerning travelers who want extraordinary, memorable, impeccable service. Our travel program is about authentic experiences and discoveries. We introduce our members to gems in hidden destinations.

Our popular service includes; world famous restaurants, luxury accommodations. Year-round golf courses, unique outdoor adventures, tailored fitness and spa facilities, premium brand shopping to world class – entertainment, access to exclusive events , festivals and the best sporting & entertainment in the world, with a personal concierge team to deliver unlimited bespoke trip planning and execution throughout the year.

Our concierge team prepares you for a relaxing holiday you don’t need to pack a suitcase for, we have information on your sizes, your color preference and collections. You will have a wardrobe ready for you at your hotel.

B.Luxe Corporate

For corporate individuals, private and public company executive team, and industry stakeholders.

There is no mission impossible with us, we plan your destination experience even before you arrive, our members have access to impeccable customer service and guest recognition on a first name basis that sets the stage for that memorable experience

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