The act of traveling as a minority to certain destinations and staying in luxury hotels has become an uncomfortable experience. Some hotels have created an atmosphere of exclusivity that excludes minorities. Even if a black traveler manages to overcome this barrier, they are often met with resistance and unfriendly body language that conveys a sense of not belonging. 

This situation is deeply concerning. Travelers of color, according to the latest report from 2019, make up a significant spending group, contributing $109.4 billion to the travel industry. There is a growing trend towards high-end luxury travel among this demographic, and even a small portion of that expenditure is a substantial amount that should not be disregarded. 


We strongly disapprove of luxury establishments that support unconstitutional exclusions, and the black community is prepared to boycott hotel chains and luxury brands that fail to welcome minority travelers. A female traveler recounted her experience to She shared, “While I was waiting at the boarding gate for American Airlines in Detroit, ‘Group 1’ was called. A white man forcefully pushed me aside, assuming that I couldn’t possibly be in first class. However, when I took my seat in the row ahead of him, the expression on his face was priceless. It made me feel uncomfortable despite paying for the luxury experience. I still vividly remember the disdain in his gaze.” In addition, another black traveler also shared her recent experience with us. She stated, “I recently returned from my stay at the ultra-luxurious Atlantis the Royal resort in Dubai. One morning, upon my return to the hotel, a staff member opened my taxi door and questioned if I was there solely for breakfast. I firmly replied, ‘No, I am a guest.’ The look on his face conveyed everything that he couldn’t express verbally. Later that day, when I hailed another taxi and provided my destination, the driver repeated the question three times in three different ways…”

The disbelief on his face was evident, as if he couldn’t fathom that I was indeed heading to Atlantis the Royal. It was disheartening to witness.

Throughout the years, we have learned that traveling as a black individual entails navigating a different set of rules. Women, in particular, often face additional challenges due to their brown skin and kinky, curly hair. Previous generations of black travelers did not have the luxury of internet or social media to document the harsh realities they encountered while traveling due to their race and skin color. It is rarely depicted in travel advertisements, across various mediums, that black travelers can also enjoy upscale experiences just like their white counterparts. This raises the question: why is it so? White travelers do not have to question whether they will be welcomed in another city or country based on their skin color. Similarly, black individuals should not be subjected to any form of mental or physical distress in order to access similar privileges. We urge our supplier partners to bring about substantial changes that promote diversity and inclusivity in their representation.

The issue of race-based exclusion in luxury travel is a matter of concern, although it should be noted that not all luxury travel experiences or establishments engage in such practices. Discrimination in any form is unjust and completely unacceptable. Promoting diversity and inclusion within the travel industry is of utmost importance. 

Luxury travel providers must ensure that their services are accessible and welcoming to individuals from all racial backgrounds. Many travelers and advocates are actively working to raise awareness and address these issues in order to create a more inclusive and equitable environment within the luxury travel sector. We are collectively striving to establish a safe and collaborative environment that respects and embraces our differences.

At, we showcase the world to minority clients by offering avant-garde luxury destinations and experiences that may not immediately come to mind. Our commitment to providing exceptional service remains unwavering.

We are dedicated to offering outstanding travel opportunities that celebrate diversity and contribute to the advancement and representation of black elites and people of color within the luxury market.

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image credit : pic 1 – @cremedelafemme. pic 2, @otis.dublin, pic 3: @Atlantis Dubai lobby

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